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  • 730 Kč

    Hollands Hope is a pioneer in outdoor varieties of cannabis seeds. One of the first genetics that has been fully adapted to the Dutch outdoor conditions during the 80's. It is a reliable and high-quality Indica variety of Dutch Passion, which is known for its resistance against mold.

    730 Kč
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  • 1 450 Kč

    Power plant from Dutch Passion appeared in 1997 and immediately achieved decent success. It's a Sativa dominant variety originally from South Africa and its original version is now available only from Dutch Passion. Very stable variety, one of the legends from Dutch Passion. Genetics: 100% sativa.

    1 450 Kč
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  • 1 705 Kč

    White Widow is clear classic that has won countless awards and enjoys a reputation as one of the strongest strains. Dutch Passion took several years to stabilize the best features of these cannabis seeds. Throughout the 90's served the original White Widow as a standard by which to assess any other commercial Indica strains. Regular cannabis seeds 10 pieces.

    1 705 Kč
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  • 1 600 Kč

    Carefully selected cross between White Widow and The Ultimate from Dutch Passion. This strain offers an outstanding combination of Sativa The Ultimate with traditional and top-quality Indica strain White Widow. Regular cannabis seeds. Genetics: The Ultimate x White Widow

    1 600 Kč
    available in 5 days
  • 715 Kč

    Winner of several growing festivals, and "High Times" Cannabis Cup. Skunk #1 (75% Sativa, 25% Indica) was originally a cross between 25% Afghani, 25% Mexican Acapulco Gold and 50% Columbian Gold. It was first grown Skunk #1 in 1978, now it is stabilized homogeneous variety from Dutch Passion.

    715 Kč
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  • 715 Kč

    Unconventional appearance and outstanding features make the Shaman variety from Dutch Passion very interesting option. Genetically it is a wonderful hybrid of Skunk and Purple #1. The Purple genes penetrated Skunk and guarantee him brilliant appearance and properties. Very resistant variety, able to withstand even very unfavorable climate. Genetics:...

    715 Kč
    Available in 5 days
  • 1 110 Kč

    Purple #1 is the first globally known purple variety of Dutch Passion, which appeared during the 80's and has since collected the numerous awards. It is a hybrid of very rare Purple Afghan, into which has been for several generations cautiously added portion of genes of several different Sativa strains. Acclimated to Dutch Outdoor. Genetics: Purple Afghan...

    1 110 Kč
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  • 1 150 Kč

    Passion #1 comes to you with our highest recommendations.  It is one of the best outdoor varieties available anywhere, and has been ever since it hit the scene in the 1970’s as a legendary Californian Indica. Regular cannabis seeds. 100% Indica

    1 150 Kč
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  • 1 350 Kč

    Orange Bud represents one of the original Skunk variety. Orange Bud now available as regular cannabis seeds. For over 20 years, it is one of the most popular varieties of Dutch Passion. Strong, generous, stable, resilient and skunks, all the signs accurately define the variety Orange Bud.

    1 350 Kč
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  • 1 120 Kč

    Durban Poison was imported from South Africa to the Netherlands in the 70's, he went through intensive inbreeding and was thus optimized in its present form. It is a Sativa dominant cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion. The genetics is mold resistant and can tolerate unfavourable climate without problems. Genetics: Durban Poison with Sativa dominance

    1 120 Kč
    available in 5 days
  • 1 450 Kč

    Orange Hill Special is an exceptional choice of Orange Skunk, which is new addition in category "Orange family" from Dutch Passion. This variety was created using the genetics of very favorite varieties Californian Orange and Orange, two amazing old school Skunks from California. Regular cannabis seeds. Genetics: Orange Bud x Californian Orange Indica 50%...

    1 450 Kč
    Available in 5 days
  • 1 720 Kč

    The original variety Blueberry is a strain with Indica dominance, its history dates back to the 70's of the 20th century. Blueberry is the proud founder of the whole collection, "Blue family" of Dutch Passion. If you want to have in your collection one of the building blocks of modern cannabis, Blueberry is a variety that should definitely not be missed....

    1 720 Kč
    Available in 5 days
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